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Koen T. Smilde

Like many photographers, I started having an interest for photography when I was a child. The first pictures I snapped were with an analogue Rollei I got from my father. I grew up at a time that the digital era was making its entrance and I fully embraced the transition.
During high school I bought my first, 1.2 Megapixel digital camera and in the years that followed I bought and sold many camera’s one after the other. Every model had more advanced features, and I learned more and more about photography!

Eventually I got myself a DSLR too; a Konica Minolta Dynax 5D with 6 Megapixels, only to be replaced by a Sony Alpha 700 with double the pixel count. And much more of a professional camera in the first place! I really love the ruggedness, ergonomics and color reproduction it provided. I've shot several years with it professionally. I still own it. But eventually there was only one way to go: full frame. That started with a Nikon D750. Only when I started working for Sony, I switched back. This time to an A7Riii. In my bag there's a 70-200GM, 16-35GM, 55 F1.8 and a 35 F1.8. They are being accompanied by a second body, an A7iii.

Over the years I came to realise that great photos are a condition of just three things. It's about a person's ability to visualise unique frames of the world, it's about the quality of the person's camera and ancillary gear, and his ability to skilfully combine the first two. 

I feel so much energy to capture everyday beauty  that unfolds in the world around us. I truly love colors, patterns, and scenic views. My ambition is to continuously raise the bar in photography and to make the 'most beautiful' photo.

Stadsmarketing, stadsfotograaf Amsterdam, stadsfotografie, evenementfotograaf, bruiloftsfotograaf, citymarketing.

"We zijn heel blij met de foto's!"

-Marije Luschen, Amsterdam Marketing

"Mooie serie is het weer geworden"

-Astrid Nap, RAI

"[...]We hebben nu in totaal echt een prachtige extra collectie voor onze beeldbank. Ik denk dat je de foto’s op veel plekken terug gaat vinden bij ons :) heel erg bedankt!

-Lianne Lugies, Marketing Groningen

"[...]Vooral die van de gang, met de fish-eye gemaakt, vond ik prachtig. 't is net M.C. Escher"

-Henk Rutjes

"You have some of the most meaningful and emotionally-charged shots of Amsterdam that I have ever seen. Your love of this city and its tumultuous, yet methodical existence, transpires through every pixel of your compositions"

-Catalina Khalaj

"Both organizations really appreciated the time you took to ensure you captured everything"

-Edward Bagsic, Association of Corporate Travel Executives

"Wat maakte je weer geweldige foto’s"

-Cobi Smit


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